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13 Interview Mistakes that WILL cost you the job! Part 1


Have you been applying for a new job? Or maybe this will be your first ‘proper’ job? Spent hours on your CV? Written a perfect cover letter?

Just because Bond looks good, it doesn't mean you will!

Just because Bond looks good, it doesn’t mean you will!

We all know going for a job interview is a stressful time, we all want to impress our prospective employers and project the best impression of ourselves we can, but sometimes people make mistakes that are almost impossible for an interviewer to ignore!

At Raw Talent Academy we have been to our fair share of interviews, but more importantly, we have sat the other side of the table on hundreds, maybe thousands of times, and here are our top 13 mistakes (in no particular order)!

1 Look Smart

Unless you are applying for a role with a company like ‘innocent‘ – the hugely successful smoothie makers with a very laid back style – then you need to look the part!

Iron that shirt, wear a tie, wear a suit, polish your shoes, have a shave and get a hair cut! (Love that long fringe? If they can’t see your eyes how are they going to look you in the eye and believe what you say? American politicians are rarely seen with sunglasses on as it is associated with being untrustworthy!)

2 Timekeeping

You’ve made it to the interview stage, now don’t be late! If you are running late, make sure you can call and inform them, being polite and letting them know might just redeem yourself, after all everyone gets stuck in traffic at some point!

3 Swearing

You would think this would be pretty obvious but it’s happened plenty of times in the past, swearing is unprofessional in a business environment.

4 Silence your phone

Just downloaded the latest ‘House’ anthem? Got Dizzee Rascal’s latest hit as your ringtone? The silence switch on your phone is there for a reason… use it!

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