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13 interview mistakes that WILL cost you the job! Part 2


Welcome back to Part 2 of our top 13 interview mistakes! Now you have your suit on, its time to make sure you don’t make any more of these crucial interview mistakes!

You can check out part 1 here.

 5 Asking to leave early or checking the time

No one knows how long an interview is going to last, not even the person doing the interview does! When you turn up for your interview make sure you are free for the next few hours as a minimum. If they decide to get another manager to interview you for a second opinion or show you round the office and leave you to shadow one of their superstars you could be there for a while! Having to check your watch or leave because you have a lift waiting never looks good and rarely ends with a job offer!

6 Bad-mouthing your previous employer/boss

No matter what happened in your previous role, bad mouthing former colleagues, bosses or employers is never a good look. Even if you were treated badly, people are naturally sceptical and will always see there as being another side to the story. Also no one wants to employ someone who could cause friction within a team or office!

7 Lack of research & knowledge

Ask Questions!

Ask Questions!

The majority of companies will have plenty of information on their website, but that is just the start of the company knowledge you should aim to learn! Use tools like Linkedin, twitter, facebook and google news search to find out what the company is up to. Find out the names of the key individuals; the founders, the current directors and the senior management team. Discover their history and if you know someone at the company, make sure you grill them for some information about the culture!

8 Asking Questions

After researching the role, the company and after a telephone interview you should have questions! Asking questions shows your interest in the role and how much you have paid attention during conversations. And we don’t mean asking about the salary or holidays!

Tip – Show you can close by asking the interviewer if they have any questions for you, or any concerns!

9 Posture

You’re waiting in reception, your interviewer enters, you have your hands in your pockets, when you shake their hand, your left hand stays in your pocket. During the interview you’re saying the right things; hungry, dedicated, motivated to work hard… but you’re slouched in the chair and avoiding eye contact. Body language has been extensively researched and is a key factor in whether someone believes what you say and whether they like you!

That’s another 5 mistakes you won’t be making any time soon! Why not check out the final part of interview mistakes here.

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