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13 interview mistakes that WILL cost you the job! Part 3


Here is the final part of our top 13 interview mistakes, so far we’ve covered your preparation, timekeeping and looking smart, now it is time for the final 4!

Check out part 1 here, and check out part 2 here.

10 Enthusiasm

Tied in closely with your posture and body language, showing enthusiasm during your interview goes a long way in making a good impression. When you describe yourself as ‘enthusiastic’ and with a ‘desire to achieve’, you need to express those words and make the interviewer believe you mean them. Speaking quietly and in a monotone is unlikely to make a memorable impression.

11 Saying too little… or saying too much

This mistake might be a little confusing at first but stick with it. When answering a question, giving short answers that do not reveal much about yourself, or your past experiences, makes it hard for the interviewer to form a connection with you. On the other hand, answering, and telling them your whole life story is as bad. When answering a question ensure you actually answer it, and then back it up with an example!

12 Know your CV

Before you walk into an interview, the person on the opposite side of the desk will only of had your CV and possibly a telephone interview to go on, that means you need to know your CV! Expect them to ask you a question about anything that’s on your CV and expect them to ask about anything that isn’t on your CV, like a break between roles that’s unaccounted for. Remember to update your CV whenever you are looking to apply for a role, a good rule is to revamp your CV if it is more than 6 months old.

A handshake tells a thousand words

A handshake tells a thousand words

And finally last but not least number…

… 13 Being over friendly or inappropriate

Some people when nervous end up doing the most unexpected and inappropriate things. From hugging the interviewer, touching their knee or openly flirting and making that handshake last a little too long! You might think we have just thrown this one at the end to make up the numbers but we can assure you it has happened, and we can doubly assure you these people did not get the job! You have been warned!

Now you’re ready for that interview, your phone is on silence and you have bought a new tie!

Now as promised you’ve paid attention so here is a little reward of our favourite job interview scenes, let us know which one you thinks funnier!

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