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5 of the best viral adverts of 2014 you must see!


Viral adverts and marketing campaigns may seem like they happen out of nowhere, but in actual fact there is an awful lot of meticulous planning needed to execute the best viral campaigns! This is in contrast to viral videos that have a life of their own!

These marketing campaigns are integrated, meaning they encompass a wide range of marketing techniques and involve a lot of different teams. I’ve compiled a list of what I think are some of the best viral adverts of 2014 so far, let us know what you think!

Budweiser – Puppy Love

This advert is for Budweiser, and was played during the Super Bowl this year. As one of the most watched televised events in America, it’s no surprise that these adverts acquire a lot of views, and with the ads during the Super Bowl selling for around $4 million each, it’s no surprise that they have to be good. Appealing to everyone’s softer side, with nothing to do with beer apart from the ‘bestbuds’ hashtag, this advert has amassed 53.2 million views so far.

Always – Like A Girl

This campaign by Always by Leo Burnett has an incredible view count of 35,029, 278, tackling the age old saying of doing things ‘like a girl’ and trying to take away the bad and humiliating connotations it has with simply being a female. This advert covers a strong issue and really hits home.

Burger King – The Proud Whopper

To coincide with Gay Pride in San Francisco, Burger King released this thought provoking ad, using the real life reactions of people in their own store, it highlights the stigmas surrounding the issues of homosexuality and tries to bring people together through their food. With over 4 million views this definitely qualifies as viral.

Save The Children – Most Shocking Second A Day

With around 32 million views, to add to the shock factor of this ad, it starts off seemingly happy, then through a clever montage of clips put together to imitate time passing by, the story takes a darker turn. By using a normal looking white family as the subjects in an every day western world, this highlights the plight of children world wide, making the viewer take a step back and think about what happens in countries where fear and war are a part of every day life.

Thai Life Insurance – The Unsung Hero

This advert is incredibly clever, showing how the small things that we do in life, even though we may not get recognition for them, can make such a difference to the people around us. Though it’s hard to tell what this actually has to do with life insurance (like many ads, they have nothing to do with the product being advertised) it has an element which encourages self-reflection, and has touched the lives of over 16 million viewers – which can only be a good thing!

One thing I’ve noticed about most of these adverts, is that they all share something in common, they appeal to our more emotional side, and in a few cases cover some hard hitting issues. What makes these adverts so genius, is that though in some cases the content doesn’t have that much to do with the product being advertised, it creates a talking point worldwide thus creating awareness and buzz around the brand.

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