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5 surprising interview tips


These days, it can be incredibly easy to get tips for that big interview you’ve got lined up. You can, for example, ask someone you know who has just had a successful interview, or just Google “interview tips”. However, an interview is such a golden opportunity that you should try to approach it in ways that are effective but also unique.

Here are just five ways in which you can go beyond simply pleasing that interviewer – by, ultimately, pleasantly surprising them, too.

Memorise problem-action-result anecdotes

What problem have you had? What action did you take to address it? What was the result of this action? Commonly stick to this structure when telling of past experiences.

Wear a pleasingly unique accessory

Dressing in a professional and well-groomed manner is rather standard advice for preparing for an interview. Less obvious is adding a little cosmetic detail that could catch the interviewer’s attention and lead them to ask you about it. If, for example, your tie has a peculiar design or you wear a necklace of traditional Chinese design, it could be a great conversation starter that reveals more about you.

Talk about your weakness in the right way

When an interviewer asks you to cite your weakness, they don’t simply want to know what your weakness is – they want to know how you tackle it. If, for example, you tell them that your weakness is being naturally anxious, you could follow that up by explaining to them how you have been learning about specific, elaborate methods for overcoming your anxiety.

Be brave enough to ask this bold final question…

During the last stage of the interview, when you are given the opportunity to ask questions, have the courage to ask if, during the interview, they have seen any reason to doubt that you are the right person for the job. Luke Fernandez, Product Manager at Spredfast, has told Forbes: “It’s bold, but if delivered honestly, it displays true desire and confidence”.

Thank your interviewer later

Within 24 hours of the interview, send your interviewer a “thank you” message, if at all possible. Of course, this is simply polite, whether you are pursuing jobs in sales or any other field. However, it can also bring you back into the interviewer’s mind, which could eventually lead them to offer you other opportunities even if you fail to clinch the job you were originally aiming for.

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