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Simple CV Template

A Short & Simple Guide to Writing a CV


Recently on this blog we have covered interview mistakes, LinkedIn profiles and how to stand out. Now we are going to provide you with a simple CV template to save you time while helping you to avoid some of the pitfalls of creating a CV!

While we do not want to scare you, we feel it’s necessary to let you in on a little bit of research carried out by a job board last year that showed recruiters spent just 6 seconds reviewing a CV! Yes that is not a typo, 6 seconds! The research also revealed recruiters rated CV’s with a clear format and simple layout as twice as easy to read!

Based on that research, our own extensive experience as recruiters viewing CV’s and other research, we have created a simple CV temple (you will not believe how simple it is!) that you can download for free at the bottom of this blog.

Before you hit download we have a handful of simple pointers for you to follow:

The Ladders Eye Tracking CV

The research used eye tracking technology to highlight the ‘hot spots’ recruiters focus on

  • Start with your name… in bold… be memorable!
  • Use a professional email address – is a bad example
  • Use the same clear, professional font throughout – Arial or Calibri size 10 or 11 are a good bet
  • Justify your text
  • Bold or underline your titles
  • Do not use text boxes, lines or word art
  • Use bullet points or numbering to keep the CV clear and concise
  • Ensure there are no gaps
  • Tell no lies
  • Spell check
  • Read the whole CV at least 3 times, get someone else to check it, another pair of eyes won’t hurt
  • Do not go over 2 pages
  • Tailor your CV to the individual role stressing any qualifications or attributes they are looking for

Now when it comes to the layout this depends on the individual but we have a general rule;

  • If you have just left school, college, an apprenticeship or university, follow your personal statement with your education & qualifications
  • If you have been in work for over 12 months follow your personal statement with your work history and then your education & qualifications


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