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Inforom Audition Day - Raw Talent Academy

Academy Success as Inforom Expand


InforomInforom Consultancy Services received their first taste of a Raw Talent Academy Audition Day and ended the day happy, with a number of the motivated candidates in attendance offered positions within their Central London office.

Key Stats
100% of roles filled
#% Retention
75% 3 Month ROI
887 Applications
73 Face to Face interviews
92.31% Audition Day Attendance

Inforom partnered with Raw Talent Academy at the start of June and just 5 weeks later, their senior management team arrived at the Audition Day to watch 24 job seekers showcase their ability through real life business tasks. The Audition Day, which took place on the 17th July 2013 in Central London, was tailored specifically to Inforom.

When announcing the partnership, Inforom Founder Leyton Maunder-Allan stated that growing customer demand meant they are looking to expand, not just nationally, but also internationally and that Raw Talent Academy would be essential to that growth.

The Academy saw a record number of applications with over 800 candidates considered, by the time of the Audition Day just the top 24 candidates were left. With the Audition Day starting at 07:30 and not finishing till gone 19:00, the candidates were left with no illusions to how hard they would have to work to succeed at Inforom.

All the candidates went through a rigorous and unique process to reach the Audition Day with one candidate commenting; “I thoroughly enjoyed it, every step of it, you learn a hell of a lot and they put your through loads of tasks that challenge you and push you to be your best.”

Raw Talent Academy Director Lee McQueen rounded off the day by saying; “Securing a position with Inforom is a brilliant opportunity, with mentoring and training already laid out alongside a clear career path the new employees have the opportunity to establish themselves as a leader within their market.

“Finding the high level of candidates has not been easy but we were able to bring 24 top quality individuals to the Audition Day and leave Inforom with a tough decision to make. We are looking forward to working with Inforom again in the very near future.”

Leyton Maunder-Allan, Inforom’ founder, added his thoughts following the Academy saying; “We are delighted to have offered a number of candidates a position today after what has been a long but successful day. This is our first time working with Raw Talent Academy and they have delivered quality candidates who have not only completed their recruitment processes but have also passed our standard recruitment processes that have been built into the day.

“The Audition Day has allowed us to take a close look at a group of candidates, some of whom we would not normally see, completing various challenging and fast-paced business tasks that reflect working for Inforom. This detailed look at the candidates will allow us to bring down the cost and time of training as well as the time it takes to hire.

“The successful candidates have demonstrated they have the ability to hit the ground running and we are looking forward to them joining the business. Following this success we are planning on working with Raw Talent Academy again as we continue with our plans for expansion.”

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