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Talk like a pirate day

Ahoy there all ye land lubbers! (it’s International talk like a pirate day!)


To celebrate international talk like a pirate day today (19th September 2014) we wanted to explain the similarities between the best pirates – think Jack Sparrow, Sir Francis Drake and Captain Pugwash – and leading sales people!

You might be thinking that they only share a love of gold coins but dig a little deeper and there are some striking shared characteristics!

Decisiveness – Both sales people and the best pirates are quick thinking individuals not afraid to make a decision, knowing that time is of the essence and being decisive is key! When making a sale the best sales people know that once a potential client is hooked they need to quickly close the deal!

The Battle! – Although one entered battle on the oceans and the other in the boardroom, both pirates and sales people take on a challenge head on! Not afraid to shy away and keen to be the victor, both are driven to be winners!

Pirates of the Caribbean - Flying Dutchman at Castaway Cay

Photo by mhowry

Commanding Presence – To be a pirate you must be a natural leader and have a commanding presence, the same can be said of many of the best sales people. Confident in their abilities and skills they will take control of a situation and delegate duties with a goal in mind!

Trips to foreign lands! – Pirates sail the high seas visiting far away and exotic islands… sales people exceed their targets and are rewarded with trips to far away and exotic lands! Although we are not sure how the feared Blackbeard would have done on the slopes of the Alps, he may just have keeled over!

Share your thoughts on the similarities or differences between pirates & sales people in the comments!

Disclaimer – this post is not to be taken in anyway whatsoever as serious and we apologise for any offence caused with the terrible puns! Have a great weekend!

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