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At a loose end this Summer? How about volunteering?


Just finished your first year at College? Maybe you have just completed your first year of A-Levels, or you could be about to enter your last year at University? What ever you are doing this Summer… Make sure you do not waste a golden opportunity to gain experience and boost your employment chances!

If you are looking to apply for your first ‘proper’ job in the next year or two, being able to talk about – or include Summer work in your CV – is a great way to show your work-ethic and exposure to what many employers see as ‘the real world’.

Here we will list a few ways you can boost your employability!

Sport England Volunteering

Sport England

1. Volunteering

Start by deciding how much time you are prepared, or able, to ‘donate’ and then try to consider what you feel you would enjoy or what will help you in your chosen career (if you know it!). Just typing “Volunteering UK” provides 12,300,000 results in just 0.23 seconds on Google. From our quick search we found opportunities with the National Trust, RSPB, Sport England & the British Red Cross.

If you want to look closer to home how about asking friends, family members or acquaintances if they know anyone looking for a helping hand. Or you can aim to travel the world (expect to stump up some of your own cash to fund the flights, etc.) If you want to look further afield there are numerous companies that offer volunteering trips across the world, from North America, Africa, Asia and Australasia.

2. Work Experience

Try not to think of that terrible week you spent scanning when you were 15 at school, because work experience with the right company can be invaluable! Here your best bet may be to look local and close to home, to find work experience that is both informative and interesting. Lining up a day or two a week shadowing a Manager or Company Director should expose you to the realities of work.

Even if you do not know someone to ask, knocking on the door of local companies – with your CV in hand – and asking for 5 minutes of their time will not hurt anyone! Just make sure you know what you want to say and be confident!

Thorpe Park, who are part of the Merlin Entertainment Group

Thorpe Park, who are part of the Merlin Entertainment Group

3. Paid Work

There are thousands of seasonal jobs across the UK, some more fun than others, leaving you with no excuse to waste your summer! Ever fancied spending your Summer working at Thorpe Park or Sea Life World? Both are owned by Merlin Entertainment Group – alongside a host of other top UK attractions – and you can check out the career opportunities on their website.

So whether you want to get job in a local pub or restaurant or prefer living and working at a Centre Parcs… you can make this Summer pay!

Let us know your suggestions below and make sure you have a great summer!

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