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Benefits of texting your candidates


Although texting is commonly frowned upon in work environments, there just might be a valid excuse to let your staff pick up their devices in order to use mobile recruitment to achieve your hiring goals.

As the world evolves, businesses are evolving with new and smarter techniques of being more effective and pro-active. In this example it’s the avenue in which recruitment companies contact their candidates.

Texting has gained a negative image due to its tendency to inhibit productivity or zone people out during important tasks. But for many, it’s actually the most intimate and furthest-reaching communication tool available.

Recently bought by Facebook for $19 Billion & with a reported 450 million users worldwide!

Recently bought by Facebook for $19 Billion & with a reported 450 million users worldwide!

The traditional methods of email and calls are still key tools, but with new technological advances these methods tend to be changing, one of which is texting your candidates.

We are not talking about texting via SMS (short message service), we are talking about instant messaging via platforms including Facebook, Viber and Whatsapp. All make it quick and easy to stay in contact with candidates, and on their terms. Whatsapp for example is reported to have a quarter of the UK’s population as registered users!

According to research from Dialogue Communications, using the two-way functionality, three quarters of recruiters found that candidate response rates were improved and time was saved through the automatic storing of outgoing and incoming messages.

There are many benefits of texting your candidates, one of which is speedy communication. Response rates are crucial for recruiters, and constant contact is just as important to candidates. With text alerts, there’s no need for lengthy or broken phone conversations, and you’ll never play a rousing game of phone-tag again. Text alerts immediately update candidates with new job opportunities, interview specifics, or follow-up details.

It’s also very low cost, even so that CRM systems are using the functionality. They’ve integrated their recruitment software into an SMS application, which enables companies to capture vital information via text and store it in a secure database.

This isn’t just the UK, this is a global trend with the research revealing that 90% of recruiter’s worldwide found it very beneficial to the flow of their business.

Over 78 per cent of respondents said that it is important for their company to use text messaging for scheduling interviews between candidates and clients, over 76 per cent said they found it important for confirming the interview and 80 per cent then said it was useful to then follow up with candidates.

We believe that if you are involved in Trainee or Graduate level recruitment then texting or whatsapping your candidates is very beneficial. It’s quick, easy and instant! On the other hand it is classed as rather informal by some people. But this is just the methods in the recruitment industry evolving.

The question is; do you find it beneficial?

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