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Harrow College Audition Day

Bridging the gap between education & employment

Devanir Soares is currently interning at RTA from the employability scheme at Harrow College. Here he provides a blog post on recruiting the inexperienced.

Devanir Soares is currently interning at RTA from the employability scheme at Harrow College. Here he provides a blog post on recruiting the inexperienced.

Recruiting inexperienced school, college & university students leavers

In our ultra-competitive world, it has only become harder for young professionals to find a job that matches their ambitions with the skills acquired from their time in education.

Young people in this country – myself included – need real world and relevant work experience more than anything else, especially in a country with a significant number of young people classed as long-term unemployed.

For job seekers like myself there is nothing more frustrating than finding jobs that suit my qualifications, but still being turned down because of a lack of experience. As more and more employers search for the perfect candidate, young people struggle more and more to showcase their skills and ability to secure a job!

When it comes to the application process think of a young person with the right skills as a ‘website’. The ‘website’ has all the ‘information’ (the young person’s skills) you as a ‘user’ (think employer) are looking for. But the ‘website’ doesn’t showcase that ‘information’ in an easy way for the ‘user’ to understand.

If the creator of the ‘website’ had a little more experience, they may have presented the ‘information’ differently and the ‘user’ would have found the ‘information’ they were looking for!

So it is a little bit about the job seeker having the experience but it is also about employers recognising that inexperience and looking past it to see the individual’s skills!

How to help job seekers smash through the experience barrier & secure the job!

The answer for school, college and university students lies in the creation of employability academies. What helps young people to demonstrate that they are a good candidate is their employability skills!

An individual’s employability skills include their CV, knowledge of how to conduct themselves professionally, the confidence to attend face-to-face interviews and how to respond to questions with a concise but relevant answer. These skills will improve any candidate’s chances of securing the job!

For me being an 18 year old with just a year of college left, taking part in an extra-curricular project such as the Employability Academy run by Raw Talent Academy might have been one of the most important decisions that I have made. I not only received free employability training that has helped me improve my CV skills, presentation and interviews, but also learnt more about business by learning from business owners and professional coaches.

On top of that I was one of three students offered an internship with Raw Talent Academy.

Even though I am currently studying IT, getting the chance to gain experience in a business is one of the best things that could have happened to me because now I have got something to show on my CV. Real life experience counts, the chance just needs to be given!

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