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Talk Business May 2012

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Despite the difficult economic conditions, there are businesses that are growing from strength to strength all the time. With success comes expansion and with expansion comes recruitment. Recruitment is of paramount importance to SMEs and startups, often there is not a huge amount of money to play with and companies must remember to keep as lean as possible to keep costs to a minimum and get their appointments spot on.

Talk Business

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All jobs require different skills but across the board there are key qualities that SMEs should look out for when taking on staff. Small businesses should always look for people who are flexible. Flexible employees can take on more jobs for themselves and save the company £17k to pay an assistant to do it instead. Loyalty is also hugely important, you should look for people who are ambitious but want to move up the ladder and grow the business alongside you. Always ask people about their career objectives and find out what they want to be doing down the line, then think about how close those objectives are to your own.

With a lack of graduate jobs there are some talented degree holders out of work whilst equally with the rise in tuition fees there is a huge pool of talented young people without a degree. Companies should react to this and be more flexible about their recruitment as a result. Many have a rigid graduate scheme that has been in place for years, but perhaps now they should be looking to be more adaptable in the way they recruit so as not to miss out on the best.

Uncovering these sorts of people too requires flexibility in the approach to recruitment. At Raw Talent Academy we put people through a number of tasks in an audition for a job and auditioning is something that more companies can consider over interviews as it is a great way of finding out more about the contenders for a job. Often there is little scope for getting an appointment wrong and an audition process can help businesses make the most informed decision they can.

There is also often an apprehension amongst some companies about using a recruitment agency. Obviously they cost, but the benefits far outweigh the price. SMEs should not be afraid of recruiters, for their money they are getting experienced people that know what they’re looking for. One of the most important things too is that it allows time for the heads of small businesses to do their job properly.

In the current economic climate, companies do not have money to burn and recruitment is more important than ever. Never underestimate the importance of recruiting and make sure you invest the right time and resource to find the best talent to progress your company.

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