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CV writing checklist


Submitting a curriculum vitae – or CV, as it is better known – is sadly still the way the vast majority of companies across the UK want you to apply for their job vacancies. Of course, at Raw Talent Academy we are the exception to the rule but we want to help you out and for this reason among many others, it is vital that your CV is in as good shape as you can make it.

Here is a list of what we consider many of the most vital elements of a good CV. However, you should treat ticking off everything on this list as only a starting point to putting together a CV that can wow employers and help you to clinch that dream job.

At Raw Talent we believe candidates applying for jobs with our clients should be judged based on their ability and competency, not their CV, education or experience. To know more and apply, visit our candidates page.

Personal details

Is your name right at the top of the CV in a relatively large font, to better enable the employer to easily find the CV should they print it out?
Is your email address listed, close to your name?
Does this email address look formal and professional, eg. or, NOT or

Work experience

Have you mentioned as much relevant work experience as possible?
For each period of work experience that you mention, have you also cited your main responsibilities and the skills that you gained or demonstrated in this period?


Have you remembered to mention skills that are cited as crucial in the job listing, eg. “fluent German speaking skills”, “full current clean driving licence”?
Have you cited other skills that are genuinely relevant to the job you are applying for?


Have you listed a good variety of interests that make you look rounded?


Is the CV a maximum length of two A4 pages?
Have you put the most important information on the first page?
Are there no paragraphs longer than seven lines?
Is all of the text neatly aligned?
Does the CV look professional and easy to follow and read when you hold it before you at arm’s length?


Have you used bullet points for all lists, eg. lists of personal interests or achievements?
Are these bullet points circles or squares, not dashes or asterisks?
Have you stuck to just one font throughout the whole CV?
Have you consistently used bold text for headings?

Spelling and grammar

Has it been scanned by a spell checker?
Have you used capitals in the right places, eg. inplace names?
Have you proofread the CV, to look for the few errors that a spell checker won’t pick up?

Now, get started on your amazing CV and check back for further advice and news on job vacancies.

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