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Great Facebook Pages to get liking!


These days social media has become the leading way to grow brand awareness. The majority of businesses now have their own Facebook page to keep current and potential customers up to date with what the business is doing and it’s latest deals. Some of the most liked Facebook pages simply provide funny images, videos or quotes (or cats, lots and lots of cats!). Facebook is a great format for businesses to be quirky with their advertising and engaging with visitors as much as possible.

With this in mind we have put together a small list of our personal favourite Facebook pages promoting brands to the masses!

Skullcandy – 2,196,736 likes

Skullcandy  Facebook Homepage

Skullcandy markets and sells gritty designer headphones, backpacks, apparel, and accessories. While Skullcandy’s Facebook page has a discussion board and a “Super Widget” that links content from its website, its fan page’s popularity is clearly a result of heavy engagement with customers. Skullcandy constantly posts news updates, product announcements, articles, contests, behind-the-scenes pictures, and videos to its wall, providing fans multiple chances a day to comment. They also love to relate to extreme sporting events such as surfing and motocross to congratulate on a sport stars achievement, a great way of targeting their chosen market. Check out their Facebook Page.

PostSecret – 1,267,643 likes

Postsecret Facebook Homepage

Ever wanted to get something off of your chest, whether it’s a personal issue or just something yapping at your ankles that’s really grinding your gears. The PostSecret Facebook page is made just for this, anyone can simply post anonymously on their Facebook page allowing people to give their opinion and comments on each of the posts. PostSecret as a business is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard. Check out their Facebook Page

I F**king Love Science – 17,599,878 likes

I f**king love science  Facebook Homepage

With an astronomical 17 1/2 million likes ‘I F**king Love Science’ not only shares the latest from the scientific world, it also makes your biology teacher really proud of you. They’re here for the science – the funny side of science. Quotes, jokes, memes and anything the pages owners find awesome and strange. If you take yourself seriously, you’re on the wrong page. They’re dedicated to bringing the amazing world of science straight to your news feed in an amusing and accessible way. Videos, images, guides, diagrams and many interactive contents make this page a success. Check out their Facebook Page.

Oreo – 37,207,700 likes

Oreo Facebook Homepage

The classic cookie you know and love, bringing you moments of Wonder. As such a worldwide known brand Oreo was always going to attract an earth shattering amount of likes on their Facebook page. Its how they keep the fans happy which is most important and great about the Oreo page. Along with all of their products listed on the website they constantly run weekly competitions which are very interactive for the fans to participate in. All the images and videos Oreo post are made by themselves with an eye catching effect, take a look for yourself on their Facebook Page.

The SPORT Bible – 1,461,227

The SPORT Bible Facebook Homepage

Like it says on the tin, this is literally the bible of all sporting activities. Members of the public post any videos or images of great sporting moments whether they are funny or simply fantastic. The best and latest goals as they happen, latest transfer news and hilarious sporting bloopers are littered throughout the page and make that lunchtime scroll through your news feed just that little bit better. It is something that I and my fellow colleagues thoroughly enjoy following. If you are in any way into sport I recommend that you like this Facebook page.

 Asos – 3,401,109 likes

Asos  Facebook Homepage

The internet fashion giant Asos has a dedicated Facebook page devoted to their fans. From showcasing their new summer selections to posting funny content, the Asos Facebook page has a little something for everyone. Each image that is uploaded of one of their items of clothing a link is shown where you can purchase the item.

Burt’s Bee’s – 2,426,035 likes

Burts Bees  Facebook HomepageBurt’s Bees, created in Maine more than 25 years ago, has become one of the leading manufacturers of natural personal care products. With more than 150 products to sell, Facebook is the perfect space for the company to connect with its fans and customers. They introduce new products interactively. Since last year, the company page has doubled the amount of fans going from Facebook to its e-commerce site. Check out their Facebook Page.

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