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How LinkedIn can help you find a job with no experience


Anyone planning to enter a professional discipline has probably heard of LinkedIn, the social network for business users – basically a kind of online CV recruiters can search to find the best talent.

But is it worth having a profile when you’re still looking for your first job, and have no relevant experience to include on your page?

The answer is yes, for several good reasons – not least of which is the fact that many recruiters trawl through LinkedIn looking for ‘raw talent’ to invite to recruitment days, instead of looking at experience they look at sports, volunteering or other activities and achievements.

When you create a profile, and fill it in with as much information as you can (while resisting the urge to ‘exaggerate’ about your experience!), you make yourself visible to these recruiters, and gain an edge over many other young applicants.

Even without direct experience, you can list ‘soft skills’ that will apply to any role; academic achievements that show you’re intelligent and a quick learner; and any interests or hobbies you might have that set you apart.

LinkedIn’s own guidance for young people recommends filling in, if possible: class projects and research; honours and awards; on-campus and external organisations you have worked with; strong test scores; relevant academic courses you have attended.

You can also network with fellow alumni via LinkedIn, which is a great way to keep in touch with classmates and find out who else is job-hunting at the same time as you – and make sure you catch the recruiters’ eyes first.

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