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How Social Media changed the way you hunted for a job


Over the last few years the rise of Social media in general has been biblical, whether its people simply sharing to the world their current mood to even applying for a job. As you can see from the graph below 61% of 104 candidates that completed a survey stated that they have/would apply for a job through social media. 97% of people would look for a job opportunity on a social media platform. With social media being such a big influence on young people these days, companies must make sure that they have an active and positive social media profile to grab the scrollers attention.

61% have/would apply for a job through social media.

In the past people have struggled to find much credibility in job adverts on social media, the examples that used to seen were along the lines of “Want to earn $1000 a day just from sitting at your own home, click here to find out more”. These days LinkedIn is the professional social media network and is as credible as it gets. This new age of job searching is popular, especially with the younger generation. Only 14% of people said that they wouldn’t apply for a job role through social media.

Grpah Showing the maount of people who apply for job via Social Media

Graph showing how many people use social media to look for jobs

The way people job-hunt is constantly changing. With tools such as social media only properly coming into play over the last decade it opened a whole new way of recruiting and applying for jobs. Recruitment is a constantly changing market, every recruitment company has their own innovative way of unearthing the countries best talent. What is clear from the above statistics is that young job-seekers are adapting to change and are welcoming new application methods with open arms.

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