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Inspiring accounts to follow on Instagram


There are many influencing and inspirational figures on Instagram. Here are a few of the best Instagram accounts for entrepreneurial and business minded individuals to take note of


Richard b

Branson (@richardbranson) is an individual that every entrepreneur looks up to.

He is highly successful, constantly innovating and always having fun. He updates his Instagram profile with a healthy mix of motivational quotes, personal travels and adventure, as well as business related activities.

Does Branson travel to exotic locations and live a life full of luxuries? Yes, but he also works extremely hard and his high energy is summed up well with this quote: “To stand still today is to go backwards and quickly.”

Richard Branson 6

richard 7


Dream hire io

Dream Hire is a recruitment company based out in San Francisco and boasts a lovely Instagram page for job seekers. Their page is full of inspirational quotes from famous figures, top tips for job interviews and general advice for your general job seeker.

Dream hire io 1

Dream hire io 2



Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg uses her account to champion businesswomen as well as sharing her world travels with the Instagram community.



sheryl 3



Michael Acton Smith, the creator of Moshi Monsters. Throughout his Instagram page he shows how fun working in an office environment really can be, from wacky conventions he attends, to the general goings on at his place of work.

michale 2

michael 3


The Rock

Dwayne Johnson has a fantastic Instagram account. fulfilled with inspirational quotes and advice from a man that has gone from rags to riches through dedication and pure desire to be successful.

The Rock 1

The Rock 3


RTA Instagram Profile

Last but not least, our very own Instagram account!! Expect to see some office fun, locations of our audition days, employability academies, staff birthdays, some office basketball trick shots and competition launches.

RTA Instagram 1

RTA instagram 2

RTA instagram 3

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