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Is your LinkedIn profile letting you down?


LinkedIn is a swimming pool full of over 300 million Curriculum Vitae’s for everyone to feast their eyes on! It’s pretty likely your profile is one of them. But when was the last time you actually checked out your LinkedIn profile?

Never before has it been so important to have a well presented profile photo and a clean working history.  But there is always going to be some stupid mistakes in profiles that could be damaging to both the owner of the profile and the business that they work for.

Before you sit there smugly and think your profile is perfect… or rush off to check if yours includes mistakes take a moment to admire some of these classic errors we’ve spotted at Raw Talent Academy:

1. What are you saying about your previous employers? Yes you now work for the market-leader in legal recruitment, but you also used to work for the market-leader in legal recruitment – how many market leaders are there in legal recruitment and do you really need to be hyping up your old employer? Tone down how amazing they are and hype up your current one.

Fired over Twitter

Connor Riley was fired before she even started thanks to her Twitter post

2. Is your LinkedIn page the best place to market your personal Facebook or Twitter page? It’s sensible to keep your personal social network profiles away from LinkedIn, do you really want to be showing your clients and potential clients yourself on a Saturday night slumped over a bar painting your shoes with your own vomit….I think not.

3. #Job #Hiring #Jobs – you’re not a job board so don’t behave like one. Don’t over use the #hashtag on LinkedIn

4. Groups that have absolutely no bearing on you or your sector – get rid of them – they’ll confuse your contacts

5. “Consultant at ABC Ltd” – so what? Could mean anything and likely to be skimmed over. Make sure you have the content of your entire roles and responsibilities whilst being at your previous roles not just simply showcasing the job title.

6. Make sure that what you think you look like is the real thing. Don’t try and come across as something that you’re not, it’s only going to come and bite you in the back side in the long run.

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