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LFW lessons to help you dress to impress


This week has been London Fashion Week, and that means clothes are high on the agenda – just as they should be when you are attending a job interview.

Most of us put considerable extra thought into what to wear to a job interview, yet many people still get it wrong.

What lessons can we learn from the catwalks of LFW? Here are some of the top take-home messages.

First of all, dress appropriately – the major fashion labels release seasonal collections suitable for spring-summer and autumn-winter, and you should take a similar approach.

A short-sleeved shirt might be too casual for some office jobs, but in the middle of a summer heatwave it could help you to avoid perspiring and looking nervous in front of the interviewer.

Make a bold statement if you really want to stick in the interviewer’s memory – nothing too outlandish, but perhaps just a slightly more brightly coloured outfit.

This is more significant for male applicants, where you will often find the other candidates in nearly identical black, grey and navy suits, but women’s apparel often has a wider choice of colours, giving female candidates the chance to choose something bright and breezy.

Finally, remember that it’s not just what you wear; it’s how you style it out, too.

Walk into the interview room with confidence – not necessarily a full-on catwalk strut, but with your head up and your shoulders back – and you can send out the message that you are your industry’s equivalent of a supermodel.

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