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Pay Attention! Social Media could cost you everything!


We love Social Media at Raw Talent Academy (on the whole, one member of staff doesn’t even have a Facebook account!), but after the latest incident of a young person getting themselves into hot water due to social media, we wanted to share a couple of stories & advice.

The long Social Media arm of the Law

Original tweet

Original tweet

Chances are you saw the news a couple of weeks ago about the young driver who tweeted about knocking a cyclist off their bike. After other twitter users highlighted the tweet to the Norwich Police Twitter account, the Trainee Accountant quickly found herself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

The Norwich Police Response

The Norwich Police Response

Following the incident she appeared on National TV to apologise as well as revealing she had been suspended from her job. Her employers found themselves in a tricky situation as well, having to release a statement following numerous emails.

Short-lived role as Youth Crime Commissioner

Earlier this year a 17 year old found herself in trouble after being made Youth Crime Commissioner for Kent Police, less than a week after the appointment she resigned after her tweets were published in National Newspapers. Her tweets, spread over years and numbering over 4,000, included comments on drinking, drugs, sex as well as perceived racism.

Not just National News

A waitress in the United States lost her job after complaining on Facebook about working late to serve two customers who then left a small tip. After calling them cheap and mentioning the restaurant by name she was promptly fired.

Remember ‘Planking’ or the ‘Lying down on the job game’? We can’t but seven NHS Doctors & Nurses found themselves suspended after posting photos of them lying down in various places across the Hospital including the beds, floors and the helipad.

Lessons to learn

  1. Think about what you are tweeting, commenting on or sharing! Common sense & not posting something in the heat of the moment could save you a lot of hassle.
  2. The majority of social media has privacy settings, check yours and make sure your settings are up to date.
  3. Having a profile on LinkedIn means you can connect with potential employers or colleagues in a professional manner.
  4. The vast majority of employers check social media, do not lose that perfect position because of a 2 year old tweet or Facebook update.
  5. Employment law & contracts are finally catching up with Social Media, contracts will often include references to Social Media so make sure you know your contract & rights.

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