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Raw Attributes Key to Sales Success

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Lee McQueen, Director of Raw Talent Academy, says recruits need talent, knowledge and achievable goals to get ahead in sales

Sales is at the heart of every business and the quality of the sales staff employed by any business can mean make or break but how do make sure that you have only the best on your floor?

For me, the most important attribute for any sales person looking to either get into sales or further their career, is work ethic. You have to work hard. If you are the sort of person who thinks that opportunity will drop in your lap without you having to hunt for it, you are not going to be good at sales.

To be motivated, you need goals. They don’t have to be financial but you need something to work towards; whether you want to buy the next Bentley GT, a house or if you just want go partying, you have to want to reach it. Split your goal into milestones. This lets you feel like you are achieving not just every month or quarter, but every day of every week. If you know what you are going to achieve in a day and you know how it fits into the bigger picture, then the motivation will come.

In my opinion, the raw attributes to being a good sales person come naturally. Everything else can be taught. Knowledge is power and anyone who wants to do well in sales needs to access it. This knowledge is at the end of your fingertips with the internet and it allows you not only to learn from the customers you will be selling to but also learn from the experience of people who have done it.

Don’t rely on being spoon fed; you need to be able to self improve all the time.

I believe that a good sales person can sell anything but you have to have belief in your product. Could I sell you a pen? Yes. I could sell you one because it’s a product I’m familiar with and use every day. Could I sell you a complex timeshare scheme? No I couldn’t because I need to understand the product that I am selling, who I’m selling it to and what they actually need. It’s important for any salesman to get to know their product inside out and that’s what I aim to do with Raw Talent Academy – to get to know you’re business needs. If you are armed with the fundamental sales skills then you can go into any sector but product knowledge is vital. It’s about finding a need and then offering the right solution to take that need away.

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