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Sprucing Up Your CV For The Summer


Many of us take the opportunity at this time of year to spring clean our homes, but when did you last spring clean your CV?

As you progress through your career, different skills come to the fore, and some of the achievements you may have been proud of in the past begin to pale into insignificance.

Your CV should present you in the best possible light, giving recruiters every reason to hire you – so sit down, start from scratch, and boost your employability by the time summer truly arrives.


The further you are into your career, the less your education probably matters – you might want to put your career history up top instead.

Of course your degree (if relevant) and any job-specific qualifications are still important, but you can safely shift them further down the page, with any less relevant achievements relegated to page two or deleted completely.


The nuts and bolts of applying for an experienced role, make sure your career history is prominent, and tailor it to the job you’re applying for.

In your own copy of your CV, you might want to leave a blank space where you can fill in your most relevant experience each time you apply, or put in a few of your best examples as a reminder for next time.


Outside interests should still have relevance – if you’re enthusiastic about team sports, for instance, it might imply that you work well with others.

Make sure these are up to date; that knee injury might have ended your Premiership hopes a little early, but it also means you can’t claim to still be captain of your local Sunday league team with a clear conscience.


The old rules still apply – information should be timely and relevant, and your CV should be tweaked to make it a perfect fit for the role you’re applying for.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a bare-bones document ready at hand as a starting point, so put the time and effort into this core CV, and your edited versions will look less rushed if you’re applying for lots of different roles at once.

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