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The benefits of internships


You probably already have a concrete idea of what kind of sales career you would like. However, you could struggle to get such work straight away, likely because it is a highly competitive field or you simply don’t have the necessary skills or experience.

At Raw Talent Academy we recruit based on your ability rather than your experience however this is the exception to the vast majority of companies who still recruit based on CV’s, educationaluy background and experience.

So, what can you do to better your chances? Embarking on a paid internship can be surprisingly fruitful. Though our internships provide only temporary work, it can be too easy to overlook their long term usefulness. Here, we explain more about why you shouldn’t be quick to dismiss internships when perusing vacancies for jobs in sales.

Students can learn more about the world of work

Students at college or university recognise how their studies can help them in the longer term. Internships can be similarly useful if you are a student – as they can assist you in becoming better-versed in what the everyday working world is like. You can also learn vital work-related skills for when you enter permanent employment; these skills could include time management, working as a team and handling pressure as deadlines loom.

You could get more opportunities in your preferred area of work

Perhaps you have your eye on particular jobs in sales for which very particular experience is essential, but you are struggling to find other work that would give you that experience. It’s a classic “chicken and egg” scenario – a job asks for relevant experience, but getting that job in the first place would actually give you that experience. In this situation, you could find that internships are bigger in both number and variety than permanent work opportunities.

There could be valuable opportunities to network and make personal connections

Sometimes, the missing jigsaw piece for clinching that dream job can be simply being in the right place at the right time. How much use is having an utterly awe-inspiring job skill if few people are even aware of your talent? This sheds further light on another oft-overlooked attraction of internship work. Networking is often considered crucial for finding a great job.

Internships are only temporary…

… so, even if you don’t enjoy your experience of one, you can feel assured that you will get to move on before long. And an internship allows you to judge whether the job is really for you before you decide whether you want to continue as a full employee.

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