Are you dressing appropriately for your job?

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The Importance of Dressing Smart at Work

RTA Dressing Smart - Asos Suit

Asos Suit – £157.00

Dressing to impress isn’t just for the weekend! When you head for your next interview, make sure you hit the nail with your appearance!

Of course it varies depending what job you have, but we are going to focus on making a mark in the office environment, whether it’s at an interview, your first day or your return from holiday and a chance to freshen your style.

At your place of work everyone will notice the attire you turn up in, including your co-workers and of course the person who employed you. You are the face of that company when you are in their premises, looking scruffy is not going to cut it and can easily give an employer a good reason to have a word with you!

RTA Dressing Smart - Asos 5 tie pack - £22

Asos 5 tie pack – £22

Even if your office has a more casual dress code it doesn’t mean you have to conform to it! For some people looking sharp helps them get in ‘the zone’ for work and if you are looking good your boss or Director might just take you along to that big client meeting.

It will not only make you stand out from your co-workers but it will also create a more professional aura around you, which could predominantly cause others to follow suit (sorry we couldn’t resist the pun!).

Classic Silver Cufflinks - £14.99

Classic Silver Cufflinks – £14.99

Our personal picks!

We asked a few people in the office to suggest one piece of clothing they have, want or would like that helps them to stand out. Click the images to buy.

The suit… This blue suit from ASOS is a stand out look (see above).

The tie… Assortment of smart ties from ASOS to complete the look (see above).

The cufflinks…  These simple but effective cufflinks are a bargain (see right).

RTA Dressing Smart - Topshop Coat - £75

Topshop Coat – £75

RTA Dressing Smart - LK Bennett Shoes - £75

LK Bennett Shoes – £75

The shoes… Don’t feel pressured to wear heels if you’re not comfortable walking in them, smart flats can look just as good, like these from LK Bennett. Brogue style loafers also add a professional edge to a feminine silhouette.

The coat… Choose a smart coat that will suit all your work outfits and be suitable for most seasons.  This Topshop coat is smart and stylish, the monochrome pattern will go with anything.

Looking smart is more than just a suit…

Asos Olivia Burton watch - £95

Olivia Burton watch – £95

This is your real chance to impress! Along with a smart uniform, some high end accessories shouldn’t go a miss.

The watch… A sleek looking watch adds a finishing touch to any professional.  For women, this Olivia Burton bracelet watch does the trick.

The umbrella… Like the Queen’s Seal of Approval on your purchase? British firm Fulton make classic umbrellas including this one for the gentleman who likes their Umbrella to also act as a walker.

RTA Dressing Smart - Fulton Umbrella

Fulton Commissioner – £27.00

The writing instrument… Ok a little pricey but you need something to work hard for (see below)!

Onoto Magna Sterling Silver Fountain Pen

Onoto Magna Sterling Silver Fountain Pen – £1,085.00

Final points

You should work hard to dress appropriately for work, in order to better promote yourself as a hard worker who takes their job seriously. Having confidence in yourself and pride in your job are two of the simplest things you can do to excel yourself and your career. Something as simple as shining your shoes and wearing a nice shirt could earn you a promotion some day.

Dress for success and you will reap the benefits!

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