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The Office of The Future


Think back to 15 years ago in the office (or imagine depending on your age)… our offices were cluttered with clunky beige and grey computers, painfully slow internet (if connected at all). A maze of wires, car sized fax machines and copiers would shadow over the office. Back then the cloud didn’t exist, just rooms full of filing cabinets!

Today, outdated equipment has been replaced with crystal-clear flat screens, easy to use wireless devices and high-tech conferencing systems.

These days there are many different office cultures. The office as we know it has come a long way. Open-plan offices seem to be the in-thing with breakout areas consisting of pool, football and ping pong tables making the environment as attractive and fun as positive. In our always connected world, employees can easily work on the road thanks to mobile internet & free Wi-Fi hot spots, instead of dropping into mini offices spread across the country.

10 years from now, modern devices will give way to more advanced technologies (will we even call it an office???) allowing our work to be conducted more efficiently. The downside and fear for some is that this could potentially result in fewer staff being needed to do the job, which could cause quite the storm!

Below we have listed a few ideas that caught our eye and are likely to make their way into our offices, sooner or later!

  • User interaction – The near future is predicted to see voice recognition and commands take over from touch. Think the iPhone’s Siri but much, much better!
  • Smart devices – Computers will be able to learn the relationships between words and phrases, creating a smoother interface and enabling users to conduct more effective information searches.
  • Smaller more powerful devices – Future devices will combine a laptop, tablet, scanner and phone into one device.
  • Wireless everywhere – Users can connect to the office in taxis, in buses, on planes, in parks, in building lobbies or even on beaches.
  • Interactive office spaces – Offices will be embedded with sensors that monitor and maintain the environment, including temperature, humidity and lighting. A sensor in a desk chair could detect back tension and signal the chair to give a massage.
  • Virtual conferencing technology – Offices may be equipped with walk-in facilities outfitted with wall-sized screens that project 360-degree views of video conference participants.

The future or a terrible idea?

We’re not too sure about this ourselves but an interesting post we came across was about the office of the future looking a little something like the picture below. It is essentially a large rock with meeting spaces and breakout areas carved into it all with the aim of stopping us spending all day on our backsides!



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