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Talk Business June 2012

The Power of PR

Talk Business

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Not all press is good press. Lee McQueen, Director of Raw Talent Academy, explains why it pays to invest in quality PR

As with any business from startups to large global corporations, choosing where to invest your money is crucial. Often things are tight and a wrong decision can be hugely costly both financially and in terms of the progression of your business.

Since I started my company Raw Talent Academy, I have regularly invested in PR. There can be a tendency for SMEs to overlook the importance of spending money on PR but for me, good PR is invaluable to a business.

Obviously there are countless other ways to publicise your business with advertising, marketing stunts etc. but good PR can give you not only publicity but also credibility.

Credibility is hugely important to a new business and you can usually divide this into two target groups that you can reach through PR. Firstly your bread and butter customers. When someone buys a newspaper, logs on to a website or tunes into a radio station they choose to do so for a reason, usually because they trust that media outlet and more often than not agree with their editorial decisions and opinions. Therefore if someone hears good things about your business on their favourite radio station for instance, they are more than likely to remember than and take note of it and may well keep you in mind for next time they need a service that you offer.

This credibility is also hugely important for another target group; potential investors. If you are pitching for a contract for your company or standing in front of a group of venture capitalists, then it can put you at a massive advantage if you can cite examples of media outlets that have featured your business. It will impress them, demonstrate that there is genuine interest in your company and help you create a buzz about your brand.

In today’s world as well, the vast majority of people use google to find out what they want. PR is no longer just a case of getting your name in the papers or heard on the radio, it is can now also massively increase the online profile of your company. Media outlets often have websites that attract massive amounts of traffic so feature highly on the google rankings so getting you or your company on them is a simple way of improving your SEO. Equally good PR will include links to your own website thus driving traffic to your own site which can boost your business.

Probably one of the most important reasons to invest in PR is that it can be an extremely cost effective way of publicising your business. A full page advert in a newspaper can cost several thousand persons yet a full page article in a newspaper can be achieved with good PR at a fraction of the cost to your business. Obviously buying advertising space has many huge positives for a business but the fact is it doesn’t come cheap.

Keeping your face out there is important and has many benefits. It will keep you ahead of your competitors, raise your profile, get you good value exposure and publicity. It can lead to one killer deal and then all of a sudden that is your PR investment more than paid for.

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