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Video Interviewing

The Return & Rise of Video Interviewing


Video technology being a part of the recruitment process is nothing new. Some of the earliest examples of video interviewing being used was way back when the ‘new’ technology first came out, but clunky technology and slow internet connectivity speeds turned many recruiters off and made them stick to their traditional methods.

Now in 2014, technology is as popular as ever with ingenious new business tools constantly being released and showcased at technology events. Thanks to the advent of high-speed broadband and significant technological advancements video interviewing has made a noticeable come back to make it one of the biggest growth areas in recruiting technology today. The benefits for both recruiters and candidates has prompted a rise in the number of new recruitment agencies keen to grab their share of this ever-increasing market.

Video Interviewing

Video Interviewing – usually via Skype or solutions such as Go To Meeting & Join.Me – is another method which is becoming more and more common in the recruitment industry, we ourselves use this method when unable to hold a face-to-face interview with candidates. Although we prefer to meet all candidates in person we find it very beneficial with candidate attraction.

The recent Global Assessment Trends Report 2014 from SHL found that web-cam interviews are being used by over 25% of companies with this figure growing fast!

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Firstly it provides candidates with more flexibility to interview, secondly it allows our recruiters to get a better understanding of a candidate including visual cues and finally saves on expensive travel costs. It may also put the candidate out of their comfort zone, which determines how they may react to a similar ‘on the spot’ situation in the workplace.

Recent research from Sonru has revealed that 36% of candidates believe that “choosing a time that suits” is a key benefit of video interviewing; whilst 21% reported that “completing the interview from home” was paramount and 6% stated that “not having to take the time off to complete the interview” was key.

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