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Unemployed? Time to stand out & be different


While there is no doubt that the job market is as competitive as it has possibly ever been, that’s no excuse for not standing out and being different!

Employers not noticing your CV? Maybe it’s time you stopped trying to get them to notice your CV and made them notice YOU!

At Raw Talent Academy we do not recruit based on an individuals CV, we recruit on the attributes that make someone good! When we bring candidates to an Audition Day with one of our clients, we give candidates the opportunity to showcase what they can do! If you want that chance then have a look at applying to us today.

BUT this article isn’t just about you applying to us, it’s about providing inspiration for YOU to get out there and get noticed! Below we list some of the most eye catching and original ways job seekers have secured employment.


Ceefax CV

Zeefax – A CV in the style of Ceefax

Probably our of my personal favourites, if only for the music (we highly recommend the sound option). Student Zef Cherry-Kynaston was looking to start their career after University as a designer and created a CV in the style of Ceefax (if you do not know what this is its a really bad version of the red button on the TV). Brilliantly originally and as you can see it achieved its purpose as Zef secured a dream job!

Adam Pacitti Billboard

Adam Pacitti Billboard

Spend your last pennies on a billboard

You might of seen Adam Pacitti in the news earlier this year for his clever way of getting job, he spent his last £500 on a billboard saying just that! And surprise, surprise plenty of employers liked his thinking and showed an interest. He eventually went on to secure a position with KEO, and spent his first wage packet on another billboard thanking everyone! Nice guy!

Alex Kearns on plinth

Alex Kearns on plinth

Stand on a Plinth in Trafalgar Square

Back in 2009 one of the Plinths in the centre of Trafalgar Square, London was a piece of contemporary art that saw a different person have an hour to do what they wanted with it. University Graduate Alex Kearns, unable to get a job he decided to unfurl his CV on a banner from plinth. Again it was successful landing Alex with a sales job in London.

The Facebook CV

Sabrina Saccoccio got noticed when she made her CV look like Facebook, not sure if this one would work with Twitter but you never know!

Facebook Sabrina Saccoccio CV

Facebook Sabrina Saccoccio CV

Victor Rodriguez Cereal Box CV

Victor Rodriguez Cereal Box CV

The Cereal Box CV

Now this one has been around awhile and has been done by plenty of people, our example is by Victor Rodriguez from Canada. We present the cereal box CV!

The Amazon CV

And finally we have Philippe Dubost’s effort, a CV in the style of a product page on Amazon! Another one that’s a favourite in the office for originality!

Amazon CV

Amazon CV

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    Hi everyone !
    Nice selection of amazing resumes. You can find other examples & interviews of creative resume’s authors on
    Philippe with his Amazon resume explain us all his project ! (his first interview !!!)

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