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What are the main qualities to look for in sales recruits


Meeting one target after another and continuing to grow is, naturally, what most organisations are eager to do. However, to do so, it is crucial to have a highly effective sales team. Good salespeople make up a good sales team, so what qualities should a business identify in a good sales recruit? Here is our list of what we at Raw Talent Academy consider to be the most vital qualities.

A strong focus on customers

A business is basically nothing without its customers. Therefore, growth of business largely necessitates growth of customers. A good salesperson will listen to, respect and, ultimately, thoroughly understand what customers need and want – and, of course, act on it.

Aptitude in a results-driven environment

This means being able to predict and set realistic targets – not to mention often work towards and meet those targets. Look for people who see frequent goal-setting as a great method for helping to realise their ambitions. In the sales world, after all, there’s constantly one target set after another!

Building and maintaining productive relationships

Sales professionals need to network, network, network – and, in doing that, not only gain, but also maintain professional relationships that help them to tick a quick succession of boxes for their company. You should look for evidence of such effective relationship management in a potential recruit.

A drive to be flexible and innovate

A good salesperson should be well aware of the large degree of trial and error involved in their job and not fear the possibility of failure. On the contrary, they should be willing to explore unchartered territories and, should any of their experiments lead to nothing, just get back on their feet and change tack. You want innovative people, but no-one can innovate without taking risks.

Being patient and tenacious

Winston Churchill is often quoted as having described success as “stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm”. It’s a very fitting quotation considering his own tenacity during the war, and very sensible advice even well outside sales recruitment.

We have already mentioned that good salespeople should not fear failure, especially as this could deter them from a willingness to experiment. We should, however, go even further and say that they should not fear even a lengthy string of failures, provided that they can learn from them and then use this knowledge to better themselves in any jobs in sales.

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