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Graph showing the amount of experience applying candidates have

What job-hunting in 2015 revealed


Over the last few months entry level Sales and Recruitment business Raw Talent Academy has surveyed over a hundred different candidates across the country. From obtaining this information Raw Talent Academy is able to inform the public about what job seekers really want and expect from their job search.Graph showing the age of applying candidates

Of the 104 candidates that completed the survey, 69% were males. This shows that the industries of recruitment and sales are still predominately male driven. There is a gender diversity currently within recruitment. This is all about to change in 2016 as increasing numbers of females are building careers within recruitment and sales.

58% of people who apply for the jobs at Raw Talent Academy are of the ages between 18-24. This is due to Raw Talent Academy recruiting for roles that need either none or very few years of experience. This proves the next statistic of 52% of those who completed the survey have only 0-1 years worth of work experience in Sales.

Graph showing the amount of experience applying candidates have

Employed and looking for what

69% of 104 people who completed the survey are employed and looking for a job. 81% of the the candidates who weren’t currently employed whilst looking for a job had only been without a job between 1-3 months. This shows that candidates are actively looking for work.

Unemployed for 1-3 months

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