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What to Wear At Work! Sponsored by T.M Lewin


Stand out from the crowd!

Dressing to impress isn’t just for the weekend! When you head for your next interview, or even your next day at work, make sure you hit the nail with your appearance!

Of course it varies depending what job you have, but we are going to focus on making a mark in the office environment, whether it’s at an interview, your first day or your return from holiday and a chance to freshen your style.

At your place of work everyone will notice the attire you turn up in, including your co-workers and of course the person who employed you. You are the face of that company when you are in their premises, looking scruffy is not going to cut it and can easily give an employer a good reason to have a word with you!

T.M Lewin have kindly provided us with the below graphic to show what YOU should be wearing to work!

After checking around the office at Raw Talent Academy we discovered that every single one of us owns at least one item of clothing by T.M Lewin ………… this is probably why we always look so good!

To view all of the items of clothing in more details clicked the below links for the desired area of interest!









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  1. Jim Selwood
    Jim Selwood10-27-2016

    This is rubbish, really need to step it up people no longer wear suits to work… thing of the past just!

  2. Jim Selwood
    Jim Selwood10-27-2016

    I have to agree dress code makes a different…

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