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Why do we still use CV’s?


I read an article this week that is quite worrying – 63% of CVs contain discrepancies, up 15% in the last decade! That is an alarming number of incorrect CVs indicating that 3 in every 5 CVs that land in your inbox include at least one discrepancy.

With other research showing an employer may only read a CV for anything from 5 to 30 seconds, the question I pose is… why are we still using CVs?

I know it is a traditional method of showing someone’s experience, and over the years I have seen some great CVs that really do the person justice, but I have also seen a lot that put me off a candidate, and I’m sure we are all guilty of passing on someone after an initial glance and thinking ‘that person is not right for the business’. I know a lot of companies look to LinkedIn profiles now (and other social media research) to build a profile on the candidate applying, but even then could the candidate also have discrepancies on there?

At Raw Talent Academy our whole process is designed so that we don’t rely on a CV. That’s right, no CV. We conduct competency based telephone interviewing, face to face interviewing, and we then assess candidates on one of our unique Audition Days. We want to know how a candidate performs and if they can actually do the job they are applying for by testing their ability. It is a great way to learn more about a candidate and spend more time with them, and our clients love the chance to be able to see how the candidates can fit into their business.

I do understand of course that, not everyone will want to be assessed for ability and I’m not suggesting assessments are the perfect answer, but with so many different options available to employers now when screening candidates, I’m curious to find out other people’s thoughts as to what works for them and how important CVs are to the screening process. Perhaps if you do run assessments I would be interested to know how you find them compared to the traditional methods I’m sure you used once upon a time.

As always, good luck with your hiring and double check those CVs!


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